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Report: Mike Tomlin a candidate for University of Texas head coaching position

Could Tomlin leave the Steelers for the Big 12?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports is reporting Steelers head coach Tomlin is a candidate for the University of Texas head coach position, which they are also reporting is soon to be vacated by current coach Mack Brown.

Texas football is the biggest and most profitable program in college sports, and it isn't outside the realm of possibility that Tomlin would be offered more than he currently makes to move to college.  Tomlin would gain complete control over the program, recruiting, and not have to deal with the salary cap, which is a particular problem for his current team.

Further, Nick Saban has shown that sometimes, the pro's are not the best situation for every coach.  Saban is a proverbial God in Alabama and will go down in history as possibly the greatest college coach ever.  Look at Mike Krzyzewski if you think all coaches would prefer to be in the pro's.

Speaking of Saban, his name is the main one being touted as next in line to replace Brown, and this article mentions Jim Harbaugh as another possibility.  Less we forget, Mack Brown is still the coach of the Longhorns, so he can't be counted out either.

Mike Tomlin might not leave Pittsburgh for Texas, but this rumor is certain to be on the minds of Steelers fans until Nick Saban is wearing burnt orange.  Only then Tomlin will be rumored to be moving to Tuscaloosa.