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NFL Week 15 picks: The 2013 season begins to wind down for half the league

The Steelers host the Bengals in primetime, a game that used to be a bit more exciting on paper.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers host the surging Bengals on Sunday Night Football, with the good guys getting three home...on primetime...If nothing else, it's James Harrison's Homecoming.

Denver hosting San Diego will be an interesting Thursday Night game, which is about as rare as Mike Wallace making an impact in a game while wearing teal. The race for the top seed seems all but over in the AFC, but in the NFC, pay attention to how Seattle handles a battered Giants team. Giving seven points on the road, if the Seahawks are the juggernauts they think they are, they should win by a lot more than that.

And the Chiefs, at rival Oakland, need a statement game to get themselves back in contention or they may have to keep watching the Bengals get closer in the rear view.

BRONCOS (-10.5) over Chargers

BUCCANEERS (+6) over 49ers

SEAHAWKS (-7) over Giants

BROWNS (off) over Bears

COLTS (-6) over Texans

JAGUARS (+2) over Bills

Patriots (-1.5) over DOLPHINS

Eagles (-5.5) over VIKINGS

PANTHERS (-11) over Jets

Chiefs (-5) over RAIDERS

Cardinals (-3) over TITANS

Saints (-7) over RAMS

COWBOYS (off) over Packers

Bengals (-3) over STEELERS