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Steelers fans Monday Night Football Open Thread

The Lions are hosing the Ravens, and we're encouraging spillover conversation from Sunday's big win and apparently controversial action from inside the game.

Vincent Pugliese

We've certainly had our wars today.

It's about to get better.

The Detroit Lions host the Baltimore Ravens in a game with some semblance of relevance to the Steelers' never-say-die 2013 season. As two teams that hit their opponents and don't ask for forgiveness in the chaos of gnashing-teeth fans demanding vengeance for violence, the Lions and Ravens may actually hit each other.

There's always an outside chance.

The "Dirtiest D-Lineman Combination in the League," apparently, vs. a rookie safety who called Calvin Johnson old. Maybe there's something to this game. The Steelers defeated both of these teams this season, and in controversy that now feels approximately four years old, their coach stepped on the field during the one loss.

Odds are usually better than decent Jim Schwartz will do something to hurt his team while the game is underway, so there are lots of off-the-cuff things to watch for tonight.

Stick around here, let's talk football.