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Tomlin Press Conference: Injuries and Game Notes

Tomlin has a pretty bland press conference today where he updated the media on the status of his nearly-eliminated team.

Jared Wickerham

Injury news:

Woodley is out, and Tomlin is not sure how long he will be out, but being put on IR is not out of the question.  Tomlin noted that when he isn't injured, Woodley has been "solid."  Seems like the coach is happy with his play, when he is on the field.

Keisel will participate, if he will play will be determined later during practices. And all other players should be fine to play, even if they are limited in practice.

Garvin's Hit:

Tomlin started by noting that Garvin did what he is coached to do, but also that the Steelers and Garvin did not want the hit to go against the punter the way it did.  The play happened too fast for Garvin to identify punter, but he is taught to block like that on special teams.  Tomlin acknowledged the rule for punters exists, but refused to comment on whether he agrees with the rule and mentioned the team will wait for any discipline from the league for Garvin.

Other notes:

Tomlin believes the offensive line is playing the best it has all season.

Likewise, Tomlin noted that Cortez Allen is healthy and contributing as expected to the team. Tomlin noted he could be used to spell Taylor on some of the faster receivers.

Tomlin noted that outside of Lamar Woodley, Jarvis Jones is the same as any other rookie OLB he has coached: he needs to get stronger.  Jones is a speed rusher, but he needs to get stronger to take on NFL tackles.

The head coach discussed both Beachum and Adams as the future at left tackle, and made clear to both players that their play will determine if either is in the long term plans for the franchise.

Vince Williams has Tomlin excited for the future.  He played well in goal line situations and has improved throughout the season.  He has "all the things you look for when you look at a young guy."  Neal noted earlier that Williams' next two games will decide the future of the ILB position in Pittsburgh.

Antonio Brown is compared to James Harrison in his work ethic.  Tomlin noted that Brown is a number 1 wide receiver and he won't return both punts and kicks because he is a #1.  Tomlin clearly believes Brown contributes more to his team than any other #1 WR.