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Watch Steelers Renegade vs. Cincinnati - BTSC featured

As the Steelers' defense fought to maintain their early lead, Heinz Field used Renegade to excite the game again.

Polmalu disrupts AJ Green on fourth down to force a crucial turnover against the Bengals.
Polmalu disrupts AJ Green on fourth down to force a crucial turnover against the Bengals.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Steelers' defense had played a strong first half that contributed to the team's early lead. While the defense never relinquished the lead, they were up against an explosive offense that was fighting to give their team a chance at a bye week for the AFC playoffs.

After a little while, the Heinz Field scoreboard went black, and the stadium got excited by the legendary video montage that followed. Luckily BTSC was present yet again to capture the moment. You can view the video here.

If you listen closely to the video around 1:10, you can hear the montage feature different Pittsburgh sports broadcasters being highlighted such as Bob Pompeani. If you listen closely, you hear in the montage audio from a previous Renegade video that was featured on BTSC (you can hear which part was used around 3:39 of the video against the Lions).

While Renegade didn't generate a turnover on the immediate drive, the defense did make a big stop on fourth down in the next drive that all but sealed the win for Pittsburgh.

Sorry in advance for the talking towards the end of the montage. When I realized that my voice was being used in the montage I was overcome with excitement and slight disbelief.

I just want to thank whomever decides what goes into the Renegade montages. As a huge Steelers fan and an admirer of the Renegade special at Heinz Field, the knowledge that the people behind the magic of the scoreboard feature both saw my video and liked it enough to feature it in the team's use of Renegade this week is sort of like an awesome early Christmas gift.

So if you are the same person/people that saw our video before and put it into the montage this week, just know that you made this fan's night extra special. It certainly is something cool to think about how fans can feel more included in the Steelers franchise.