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5 Burning Questions Facing the Pittsburgh Steelers

Is LaMarr Woodley done in Pittsburgh? Did the Steelers offer hope for 2014 in their victory over Cincinnati? Who would you like to see more of in these final two weeks? Tomlin would pick Bell over Lacy, would you? Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Steelers.

Quietly, Terence Garvin has played every game in '13. Vs. Cincinnati Garvin was quiet no more...
Quietly, Terence Garvin has played every game in '13. Vs. Cincinnati Garvin was quiet no more...
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers record now stands at 6-8. In defeating the Bengals, the Steelers filliped several season-long trends on their heads and offered hope for 2014, but before they can play their final 2 games of the 2013 season, Steelers Nation must first grapple with these 5 Burning Questions.

1. In their first outing vs. Cincinnati, the Steelers bumbled and stumbled their way to a 20-10 loss that was a lot less closer than it looked. This time they vanquished the Bengals to the tune of 30-20. What does the difference in results tell us about how much progress the Steelers have made since then?

2. As everyone in Steelers Naiton now knows, the LaMarr Woodley went on injured reserve yesterday. That move brought to the following quote:

I was not in favor of the Steelers re-signing LaMarr Woodley to a long-term deal. I honestly thought that they would not do so dating back to well over a year ago. Too expensive for a guy whose body type I did not think would age well. My thought was that at least the second half of whatever contract he signed would be a waste of money.

Michael Bean, our beloved site founder, penned those words back in 2011.

Neal Coolong suggests Woodley's release might be unavoidable. Steel City Roller has outlined salary cap choices and consequences. What should the Steelers do?

3. In his weekly press conference, Mike Tomlin made no bones about it. Given the chance he'd pick Le'Veon Bell over Eddie Lacy again. Agree or disagree. Defend your position.

4. What Pittsburgh Steelers rookie has appeared in every game this season. Hint, he wasn't drafted? Still guessing? Well, according to Scott Brown of ESPN, Terence Garvin, he of the (illegal) jaw breaking hits, has played in every game.

What are your thoughts on this budding young protégé out of West Virginia?

5. Mike Tomlin has said he will not use the final games of the season to give younger players more playing time for the sake of giving them more playing time. Fair enough. But which younger players do you want to get a look at during these final two games?

There you go folks. Remember, the 5 Burning's questions are both open book and open note, but you must show your work. Have at it!