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Chicago Bears sign Steelers OT Joe Long off practice squad

Steelers sign offensive guard Bryant Browning to replace his spot.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fare thee well, Joe Long, we hardly knew ye.

The Chicago Bears pulled Steelers offensive tackle Joe Long off Pittsburgh's practice squad and added him to their 53-man roster. The younger brother of Rams OT Jake Long, Joe didn't appear in a game or spend any time on the roster this season.

There was some optimism for his future, though, and while that's not to suggest he has none, either in Pittsburgh or Chicago or anywhere else, he's got a roster spot now, and presumably for the remainder of the season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars sniped Steelers practice squad receiver Toney Clemons last season around this time, as teams are beginning to prepare to make up their offseason rosters. Teams are allowed to sign younger players to futures contracts, enabling them to practice and work out at the team's facility during the offseason.

The Steelers signed former Bills offensive guard Bryant Browning to replace Long.