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Kelvin Beachum seen limping in parking lot during practice

Post-Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette Tweeted Monday left tackle Kelvin Beachum was limping outside of practice Monday, bringing up a potential problem for the Steelers.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Let's face it, you never heard of Rashad Butler before Saturday unless you're related to him or saw him play in college several years ago.

His leave of absence is not fundamentally going to affect the Steelers Sunday against Miami. It's fun and easy to pile onto the Steelers' current streak of bad luck when it comes to their offensive line, but Butler really does not make a big impact.

This, however, does.

Assuming Beachum isn't hamming it up for the media in attendance, we can apply a simple formula - Limping Heavily = Will Struggle To Practice. That often leads to Won't Play Sunday.

The real concern here is when we apply more dynamic mathematics to the equation.

If Kelvin Beachum = No Play Left Tackle, the odds of Guy Whimper = Play Left Tackle summarily improve.

The theory is If Guy Whimper = Left Tackle, Steelers Pass Protection = 0.

(remember, the set "Guy Whimper" can be replaced unilaterally with the alternative set "Mike Adams," and the same results can be obtained.)

Miami boasts one of the league's best pass rushers, Cameron Wake, who will likely salivate with the idea the Steelers might not even be able to put Beachum out on the field Sunday.

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