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Haley, quarterbacks have dinner, Landry Jones pays

Perhaps it gives Jones a chance to do him some learnin' outside of a film room. Bruce Gradkowski runs the scout team, meaning Jones gets no reps during practice, but perhaps some bonding over steak tartare will help his development.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

They'll stay far away from the word "hazing," but Steelers rookie quarterback Landry Jones got a bit of initiation last week.

Tribune-Review reporter Alan Robinson wrote a bit in his notebook Friday Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley and the Steelers quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger, Bruce Gradkowski and Jones had dinner at the Capital Grille, Downtown. But it wasn't the former NFL head coach, the $102 million quarterback or even the backup on a veteran contract who picked up the four-figure tab.

It was the rookie.

Since the only bit we've written about Landry Jones this season was stating he won't be active for the upcoming game (expect that against Green Bay Sunday), we figured it was a good time to get his name in circulation again.

We can also give you a chance to knock down any stored up Jones jokes you may have been waiting to use.

It's all in good fun, we wish Jones nothing but the best. We hope he enjoyed that meal, though. His daily stipend, should he have such a luxury, certainly wouldn't cover it. But perhaps getting to soak in knowledge from his more experienced peers in an environment other than a meeting room or in the warmest clothes possible on the sideline, neither situation affording him much opportunity to move will do him some good.

Gradkowski runs the scout team after Roethlisberger takes all the snaps with the 1s, so Jones' main role is to observe.

And buy food, apparently.