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Invasion Green Bay: BTSC will be at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field Sunday

I'll be attending the Steelers at Packers game from the frozen confines of Lambeau Field Sunday. Follow all my updates here, as I attempt to post despite single digit temperatures throughout Sunday.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to better test BTSC's mobile technology, I will be on hand at historic Lambeau Field to witness and maybe even write a bit about the Steelers' Week 16 game against the Packers.

How the BTSC Hotline works in the frigid cold needs to be determined, as well as my ability to type accurately in the Hoth-like conditions expected at the 4:25 p.m. kickoff. The newly acquired BTSC boots will be put to the test, with heavy snow expected late Saturday night, making way for a slippery and dangerous tailgating environment.

BTSC feels confident in its ability to achieve a few of these targets, but not all of them. There will be pictures posted from the road, as Colin, BTSC's guide, driver and bodyguard for this trip has kindly offered his four-wheel drive sleigh for the trip, as well as his protection.

Colin resembles, in many ways, the Kurgan from The Highlander. I'm not exactly worried about my safety. Colin's only fault is he's a Packers fan (grew up literally a good tee drive from Lambeau Field), but he's not one of those "Packers owners" kinds of fans.

Point is, he's large, scary looking and well-connected, so this looks to be an outstanding trip.

I'm hoping to publish as much as I can from the road, the pregame and right afterward, but we're leaning on the bench strength of BTSC this weekend. FanPosts are always appreciated, so if you've written a few before, feel free to add some today and tomorrow. If you haven't, now's your chance.

I'll be keeping something of a running diary as I go, and I'll post those in a stream that will be placed on the front page.

I've always said I'm a Steelers fan, but I'm a fan of the game and history of football and the NFL. It doesn't get much more historic than Lambeau Field. I'm excited to experience it, and share that experience with you as best I can.

So bear with us this weekend, there might not be quite as many features as we usually put out on game day, but I'll have plenty of stories to tell after this weekend.

As soon as I thaw out, I'll get to work.