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Pro Bowl 2014: Players vote today, results announcement Friday

The 2014 Pro Bowl teams will be announced Friday. Which Steelers should make it?

Kirk Irwin
The 2014 NFL Pro Bowl teams will be announced Friday night.

That of course begs the question, which Steelers players will be selected (initially) to this team?

Antonio Brown – Without a question, Mr. Team MVP should be one of the AFC’s starters. This will be interesting, though, with so many high production receivers, a new standard is being set in terms of the “best” receivers in each conference in each given year. Still, Brown’s season is unparalleled in team history, and he’s among the top in several major categories.

Ben Roethlisberger – It seems most quarterbacks view the Pro Bowl as something the uncool kids do. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady should, once again, take most of the fan’s votes, but neither will play in the game. This is how players like Vince Young have made it in the past. Roethlisberger is as deserving as any other non-Manning quarterback in the AFC, but a rough start to the year combined with his early streak of turnovers may turn off many voters. Still, it won’t be a surprise if he goes.

David DeCastro – He would have had a much better chance if not for a few injuries that slowed him down a bit over the last few games. DeCastro will be at this game plenty of times in the very near future, and could be this season.

Lawrence Timmons – having to cover the main responsibilities for both the mack and buck linebacker positions in this defense has to be tough, but his lack of playmaking will ultimately hurt him.

Which other Steelers deserve consideration for the 2014 Pro Bowl?