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Week 17 NFL picks: Placing a bet for the Steelers Postseason Quadfecta

Pittsburgh needs a bunch of things to happen to make the postseason. We're betting on those things happening. Find out what the odds are.

Jonathan Daniel

I don't bet on sports. Anyone who's read this column both knows I do not and understands why.

Few will ever remember my miraculous 10-1 run against the spread in last year's playoffs, but I will and I'll be happy about it.

In fact, that's what's compelling me, in our last picks column of the year, to partake in my first parlay.

Call it the "Steelers Postseason Quadfecta."

STEELERS (-7) over Browns

BENGALS (-6) over Ravens

Jets (+6) over DOLPHINS

Chiefs (+9.5) over CHARGERS

Our good friends at Bovada tell me if I bet $10 on that, I'd win $117.50. So I got that goin' for me...which is nice. Hey, weirder things have happened. And my picks here would put Pittsburgh at Cincinnati in the first round of the playoffs.

Would we want it any other way?

Panthers (-7) over FALCONS

Texans (+7) over TITANS

GIANTS (-3.5) over Redskins

Jaguars (+11) over COLTS

VIKINGS (off) over Lions

Packers (off) over BEARS

PATRIOTS (off) over Bills

Buccaneers (+13) over SAINTS

RAIDERS (+12.5) over Broncos

CARDINALS (off) over 49ers

Rams (+11) over SEAHAWKS

Eagles (-7) over COWBOYS