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Which Cleveland Browns player would you want on the Steelers roster?

This feature used to be owned by Joe Thomas. There's a new sheriff in Cleveland.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I laughed when I thought over this question initially.

The Browns have a rebuilding roster with a lot of talented players. And they have Josh Gordon.

I'm not sure why I'd want any other player; yes, including left tackle Joe Thomas.

In our 5 Questions segment before the Steelers took on the Browns in Cleveland, I made mention with Chris Pokorny of Gordon's ability and the trade rumors that encircled him around deadline time. Chris was likely being modest when he entertained there being a second round price tag on his head (although he said his price would start with a first and second round pick).

I responded:

If I’m the GM of the (insert team name here), and I heard Josh Gordon is available for a second round pick, I’m calling Lombardi on my cell phone, my landline and Skype while trying to reach him via five different IM applications and sending an intern to Cleveland with a handwritten note that says "DEAL!"

This was just a few days before Gordon exploded on the national scene with a franchise-record performance against Pittsburgh - albeit mostly in mop-up time. Perhaps less impressive because of that, but he did it again in Week 13. Then Week 14.

Gordon averages a ridiculous 120 receiving yards a game, having played in 13 of them, grabbing 80 passes for 1,564 yards and nine touchdowns. His 19.6 yards per catch leads the NFL by nearly a yard and a half.

And this isn't a one-trick pony kind of guy. What Gordon has done this season is freakish, to put it mildly, and worthy of any kind of honor or award, up to and including Pro Bowl and All Pro recognition.

But the Steelers have a receiver they've groomed over four years, having watched Antonio Brown become team MVP twice in the last three season. Maybe they'd be better off with Thomas in an effort to balance things out a little bit.

It's hard to entertain that thought, though. Not when Gordon is going off at 20 yards a pop.