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Former Steelers and Ravens Dennis Dixon officially signs with Chip Kelly and Eagles

Birds of a feather flock together. Evidently this little bit of wisdom crosses species as Ducks have been reported to consorting with Eagles on the "other" side of Pennsylvania.

Jared Wickerham

As was proposed and discussed previously on BTSC, Dennis Dixon has confirmed rumors by signing a two-year contract to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, reuniting him with his former college coach, Chip Kelly.

Speculation circulated immediately upon Kelly's announcement as the new head coach of the Eagles, replacing tenured termination Andy Reid. Kelly was the offensive coordinator with Oregon University. He was the mastermind behind the spread offense which made a valid Heisman candidate out of Dixon in 2007, up until his knee blew out ending any consideration and derailing his draft dreams.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Dixon in the fifth-round of the 2008 NFL draft, after every other team passed on him numerous times. The Steelers could not overlook the physical talents Dixon would potentially bring to the table should he fully recover and remain healthy.

His stay in Pittsburgh was a troubled one, mainly due to the fact the team already had a young star permanently entrenched in the starting role - Ben Roethlisberger - who had already won one Super Bowl before Dixon's drafting, and would win another one in Dixon's rookie season.

Dixon chose to test free-agent waters rather than resign with the Steelers when his contract expired, but found the Baltimore Ravens to be his only other suitor; and they only wanted him for their practice squad. He would be cut during the middle of the season, only to re-sign with the team a week later.

Dixon provided a practice-version of the athletic quarterback on display throughout the 2012 NFL post-season. Dixon was able to emulate young starts like Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, whom the Raven had to defeat to win their second franchise Super Bowl title over the San Francisco 49ers.

Kelly's collegiate scheme which thrived with Dixon at its helm, will be coming to the professional level. Kelly's desire to have Dixon on his roster is a logical choice, as current Eagles QBs Nick Foles and recently re-signed Michael Vick will need Dixon's experience in the system to translate as they attempt to convert their own mindsets.

We shouldn't rule out a chance for Dixon to compete for the starting job based on his experience, although Vick will be much better compensated and his physical gifts could acclimate to the new philosophy.

Dixon has been looking for an opportunity to start in the NFL since leaving college, now it looks like college is going to give him his best chance to start as a professional.