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2013 Steelers Draft Prospects: Individual scouting reports for possible targets at No. 17

The Steelers are coming off a disappointing 8-8 season, but they've rebounded well in the past drafting around the middle portion of the draft following disappointing seasons.


The Steelers last finished 8-8 in 2006. Their reward was linebacker Lawrence Timmons at No. 15 overall.

They finished 9-7 in 2009, and drafted Maurkice Pouncey with the 18th overall pick.

Will that run of impressive talent joining the Steelers roster around the middle of the first round continue? It seems there are many outstanding players available, and in this stream are evaluations and write-ups of some of the possible candidates the Steelers may be looking at with the No. 17 overall pick in the 2013 Draft.

The last time the Steelers drafted No. 17 overall was in 1994, selecting Colorado wide receiver Charles Johnson.

Perhaps not an outstanding pick at that spot, it seems there are several players who could have outstanding NFL careers, and with a roster that needs bolstering for the future, 2013 is perhaps the most wide-open year in terms of direction in which the Steelers could go.

We break down those options, and provide some insight into those players here.

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