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NFL Hall of Fame: Is the third time a charm for Jerome Bettis?

His numbers haven't changed but the Hall of Fame-worthy resume of Jerome Bettis is being evaluated for a third straight year by Hall electors.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The highlights of Jerome Bettis only appear more grainy, not any less relevant. His uniform, as well as those of his teammates and competitors, only look a bit different with each passing year. The plays he made in them are still as outstanding as they always have been.

Will this be the Year of the Bus?

My guess? Yes.

My feeling was, of the three running backs who became Hall-eligible in 2010 - Marshall Faulk, Curtis Martin and Bettis - Bettis would get in last of all of them. And perhaps rightfully so. Martin was dominant every year he was in the league. Faulk is one of the best all-around offensive players of all time.

Bettis was an outstanding, Hall-worthy running back. Just not on the same level as the two who went in front of him. No matter, though, Bettis will be giving his Hall of Fame Thanks speeches soon enough. His 13,662 yards and 91 touchdowns belong in the Hall. His place as the best "Big" running back of all time belongs in the Hall.

Jerome Bettis belongs in the Hall of Fame. I'm confident voters will make this happen at 5:30 p.m. ET Saturday.