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Steelers running back Baron Batch wants to be the first black Bachelor

Love him or hate him, Steelers running back Baron Batch know how to incite a crowd with inflammatory rhetoric. This time, Batch mentions his desire to become the first black Bachelor in the show's history.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Call him the Batchelor.

I'm not sure if you watch the reality show "The Bachelor." I do not. But if nothing else, Steelers third-year running back Baron Batch could compel Steelers fans to at least fake something of an interest in the hit ABC show.

By "hit," I usually mean everyone seems to watch it but me.

Batch is one of the "everyones" I'm referring to. He claims to always watch it in a recent post on his blog. He also is throwing his hat into the ring of candidacy to take on the lead role of the show, which essentially has emotionally unstable females throwing themselves at the feet of a good looking dude who's allegedly searching for his soulmate.

The guy who met his future wife while drunkenly asking a group of girls if they'd seen his friend while at the racetrack probably isn't one to speak of kismet, but I think it's safe to say the participants in the show have ulterior motives.

The point being, Batch wants to become the first black Bachelor on the show.

Ok. I'll be honest. First off I have been watching the show for quite some time. It's entertaining. However, I have also noticed that there has never been a black bachelor. Yes....I only said black, I don't use African American because I sometimes am not politically correct. So what.

For what Batch may lack in short yardage situations in comparison to his peers, he makes up for with a marvelous ability to piss people off with things he says. He's brash, arrogant and self-centered to the point you really aren't sure how serious about it he really is.

This particular entry is very funny, and who knows? Maybe it will end up landing him on the show.

I still wouldn't watch it, though.