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NFL considers altering off-season schedule

In an effort to keep the NFL relevant and active through an entire calender year, league officials are laying out a new agenda.

Jeff Zelevansky

According to Adam Schefter, the league is seriously considering a major shake up to their off-season schedule.

The league wants to move the Scouting Combine into March, push free agency back until April and hold the Draft in May. They also want every NFL team to open training camp on the same day, creating a definite beginning to the pre-season.

Schefter speculated through his Twitter account about the moving of the draft to coincide with TV Sweeps, which would drive up ratings and increase generated revenue. This revenue is shared with the players per the CBA, and is expected to be the point which draws agreement from the NFL Players Union.

However, PFT points more toward the draft becoming the "halftime" of the off-season, placing it in a chronocentric position. PFT also goes on to speculate the league is trying to push the off-season back in order to make an 18-game season more logistically and logically possible, without having to move the Super Bowl into March, although it would be pushed toward the end of February.

The league is desperately trying to avoid the pitfalls which come along with the old schedule. Football becomes irrelevant as fans and team hurry-up-and-wait for a period longer than the actual league's regular season. In order to keep customers from shifting to baseball, basketball or hockey, the league is trying to make themselves relevant even during their seasons.

Of course, the league has never been opposed to making more money. Some things will never change.