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Calling for submissions for Steelers Tattoos hub

You got a sweet Steelers tat? BTSC wants to see them. Email managing editor Neal Coolong with an image and description of your tattoo (artist credit would be appropriate).

Generations of Steelers excellence captured in a great tattoo
Generations of Steelers excellence captured in a great tattoo



I'm not a big tattoo guy. But I can appreciate art as much as anyone. Tattoo artist Josh Duffy ( made this for an unnamed person, and it's pretty much as badass as possible.

The pictures used for these tattoos are well-known, but look at the detail behind the tat of Hines Ward's touchdown celebration in Super Bowl XL. It's shockingly accurate when compared to the photo. And the intense picture of Troy Polamalu (taken from a Sports Illustrated cover, I believe).

The best, though, is Franco Harris at the start of the Immaculate Reception. The tattoo shows the whole ball, of course, with no ground underneath it (notice that, Villapiano?).

These are always cool to look at, and maybe BTSC should keep a roll of them on file, so if you have a cool Steelers-related tat you want to show off, click on my profile, my address is in there, email me the pic (nothing too graphic, please) with a brief (no more than 50 words) explanation of it. We'll put it together in one hub and add to it as we move on with our fandom of the six-time Super Bowl champions.