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Michigan QB/WR Denard Robinson studied tape of Antwaan Randle El

One of the more famous quarterback-turned-receivers in recent NFL Draft memory is former Steelers WR Antwaan Randle El. One can see a lot of Randle El in Michigan QB/WR Denard Robinson. He planned it to be that way.

Jonathan Daniel

Michigan's Denard Robinson had an amazing collegiate career.

It's obvious if he wishes to entertain the notion of playing professionally, it would be at a position other than the one that lines up under center.

In 2002, another Big 10 athletic quarterback made a similar switch; from quarterback to receiver. Antwaan Randle El, who was also a point guard on Indiana's basketball team, played wide receiver a bit, giving Indiana a chance to maximize Randle El's athleticism on the field.

Robinson paid attention to that, and recently told reporters he studied tape of Randle El and how he made the transition from passer to receiver.

Perhaps most importantly for Robinson, he noted Randle El's return ability - probably the main reason the Steelers drafted the dynamic Randle El in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft. Robinson will look to show scouts his return abilities as well as his his receiving game at the Combine.

He'll be on display today with the other receivers, and while Robinson isn't expected to be selected higher than Tennessee's Cordarrelle Patterson or West Virginia's Tavon Austin, he brings with him perhaps more intrigue than any other prospect at the draft.

Open field running ability and multi-position capability will usually do that for a player.