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Tavon Austin runs an unofficial 4.25 at the NFL Combine

With the Steelers in the recent habit of drafting receivers no taller than 6-foot-1, Austin's playmaking speed could be an intriguing option at some point in the NFL Draft.


Adidas has a sponsorship deal in place for whomever runs the fastest 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine. est Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin pretty much just sewed it up - unofficially.

His unofficial first run was timed at 4.25, a blistering number based on this year's times as well as history.

According to Adam Caplan, if it holds up, he would tie Steelers DB DeMarcus Van Dyke and Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey with the fourth-fastest time in Combine history.

In previous years, this would be a virtual lock he would end up drafted by the Raiders, like both Van Dyke and Heyward-Bey were.

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor was working out with Austin before the Combine, and noted he's a special player. With that kind of speed, it's easy to see how he's able to manage that kind of praise from an NFL veteran.

Speed kills in the NFL, and while many may bemoan the idea of bringing in another diminutive wide receiver, his size could drop him to the second round, right smack in the middle of Value Range for any team looking to add a playmaking element. Teams like San Francisco and New England could use a player like him, so maybe he doesn't make it out of the first round.

Either way, Austin threw his hat in the receivers ring Sunday. Speed like that cannot be denied.