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Tweets from the Combine

The best of the Twitterverse from Sunday's edition of the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The underwear olympics are in full swing, again, meaning Tweet counts are piling up faster than 40-times.

As Behind The Steel Curtain invites our readers to participate in our Combine Open Thread, but this post will serve to bring you the best of the Twitterverse from Sunday's action. We'll share some official numbers, some outsider insight and of course, plenty of laughs. One thing Twitter will never be short of, are self-anointed comedians; although some rightfully so.

We'll keep updating this thread throughout the day, so make sure to refresh the page to catch any new additions; and as always, feel free to chime in with your take in the comments or share some of your favorite Tweets from today which we have missed.

While the players involved are under immense pressure, as one false step could mean the difference between a first-round and a fifth-round selection, we fans can kick back and have some fun.

Wait a minute! I thought Mike Wallace was unique? Evidently not so much anymore when:


Interesting. What will the speed of the draft class do to Mike Wallace's market value? We know some players are watching:

No word from Wallace's camp yet. Hmmmm...

In other news:

Guess they're taking the No-Foles decisions a bit harshly. Will Barkley really be any better than what they already have?

Think the Steelers scouts aren't watching these guys. They probably put in the most requests.

Mike who? Chris who?

Anybody texting Mike Wallace?

Some good news for those with a fever to moan for Jones.

Back to the speed...

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Love the kid, but someone will report him as sub-4 seconds before the day is over.

Did you know other people ran 40-yard dashes today?

No Twitter conversation is complete without a little Baron Batch.

Guess we know where Hines Ward is getting his inside information for his interviews. That stuff is contagious, don'cha know.

Meanwhile, back at the combine...

I said, "the Combine"...

The combine is today. Right?

Thank you, Rich Eisen.

Who let Rapoport in here? #HisSteelersInsideSource


Here's a little dose of perspective

Dangeruss? Whoever is in charge of NFL nicknames needs to be waived.

Seriously guys, stop. You're doing it wrong.

Speaking of hiccups, what happened here?

He lost over a tenth?

Wasn't this a Maddenism?

In Steelers news:

Guess we can stop praying for the team to offer Cortez Allen a long term deal this year. His contract was signed under the new CBA, 2013 will be his third year.

uh oh, did he have a cheetah ta...ugh, this joke is getting old today.

I know Chris Johnson didn't find it very funny.

I'm sorry, who's childish?

Well, at least we got to avoid that meltdown.