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NFL Combine Day 4 Open Thread

The thoroughbreds are running and working out now and we've already seen some impressive performances.

Ezra Shaw

The Combine is underway early Sunday morning and some are there, reporting away, running to and from events of the annual Skin-Tight Invite.

Some of us aren't there, and are watching Archer while drinking coffee, enjoying a few quiet moments before chaos will take over. Sundays are interesting days.

Interesting is West Virginia's Tavon Austin running an insane 4.25 (unofficial) 40-yard dash. Somewhat less interesting but still something to watch is Cal's Keenan Allen not participating today, leaving his status still up in the air.

That's the risk some players will take in not participating; they can be outshined and leave the Combine with the attention of scouts, thus putting pressure on the prospect's pro day.

It's an understandable strategy; some players may not be at 100 percent, and would choose to let their game film in 2013 do the talking for the time being.

Let's see how it plays out. And while we're doing that, let us know what you're seeing in each of the prospects today, and whether you feel they'd fit on the Steelers.

As for me, the peace has officially ended, and I must depart. Oh, the humanity!