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NFL Scouting Combine 2013 Day 6 Open Thread

Defensive backs on display in the Combine's final day.


It ends with the defensive backs.

The top-level athletes, the guys who can run, change directions, accelerate, run again and cover guys commonly with three inches and 20 pounds of advantage on them.

The Steelers have developed a strong secondary over the last few years with a split down the middle in terms of age.

Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau told Behind The Steel Curtain recently he would like to bring in a young safety to train under starters Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark. He didn't say whether he was targeting a specific player, or even a player in the draft, but clearly, they'll be watching today's group of defensive backs to see what kind of options they'll have when they're on the clock in any round.

This is the last group to work out, as the Combine draws to an end today. From here, there are hundreds of Pro Days scheduled for prospects to give one final sales pitch before the draft in late April.

So let's talk about it one more time. Yesterday's open thread was one of the funniest I've read in a while, so thank you for making me nearly burst out laughing at my desk.