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Antonio Brown restructures contract, Steelers save $3 million

Yesterday, Timmons took a pay advance to help the Steelers clear cap space. Today, Brown followed suit freeing up a little more.

Karl Walter

The Pittsburgh Steelers have restructured the second contract of the off-season, as they prepare to be salary cap compliant when the NFL's 2013 season officially begins on March 12th, at 4 PM ET.

Antonio Brown signed a five-year extension prior to the beginning of the 2012 regular season. He was scheduled for a non-guaranteed base salary of $2 million and a roster bonus worth $2.5 million - both were eligible for restructure.

If the report of a $3 million cap savings stands true, the team converted $3.75 million of his eligible $4.5 million into a signing bonus, adding an additional $750k to each of the four years remaining on his contract, while saving the reported $3 million against 2013.

Lawrence Timmons restructured his deal to save slightly over $5.3 million. Brown's will push the Steelers savings to safely over $8 million, leaving them approximately $6 million left to clear by the first deadline. Ben Roethlisberger and LaMarr Woodley are also considered candidates for restructures, with Roethlisberger's expected before the week is over. Woodley's could save the team approximately $6 million, at a cost of $2 million per each additional season. Roethlisberger's would provide an additional $7 million.

The team's actual intentions toward well-comensated-but-aging veterans and evaluations of their free-agents will dictate whether they just reconfigure Roethlisberger's salary and Woodley's, or simply one or the either. PFT also reports the cap should be in excess of $123 million, leaving the team some additional unexpected breathing room.

Adam Schefter is now reporting the team is in process of negotiating Woodley's salary. Stay tuned to BTSC for updates.