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Super Bowl 2013 Open Thread

Here we are, the game that means nothing and everything to Steelers fans at the same time.

Chris McGrath

The game kicks off soon after another three songs of patriotism and 30 second shots of Ray Lewis.

Just kidding. They may have only one more song.

As it is, the big game is here, so we're going to treat this the way we treat the others. By cracking jokes discussing the drinks we're consuming and cracking some more jokes.

Some easy topics...the Harbaughs' parents are named Jack and Jackie, do I have that right? That's always interesting. Come up with a few more creative answers to the standard "so who are you rooting for??" question they had to answer all week.

Or maybe more creative questions, like, "did John whine more than Jim, or was it pretty equal throughout their careers?"

Anyway...enjoy the game and the video above...not for me, mind you, but for executive producer supreme Michael Bean.