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Ansah and Hankins mocked to Steelers by Kiper and McShay

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay recently updated their mock drafts and both have the Steelers taking defensive players. Kiper, like in his last mock, has the Steelers taking the talented pass rushing defensive end Ezekiel Ansah. McShay has the Steelers continuing their Ohio State tradition and taking Johnathan Hankins.

Kent Horner

Kiper has mocked Ezekial Ansah to the Steelers two times in a row and it certainly is an interesting pick. Ansah is an unbelievable athlete who is an incredible pass rusher but at 275 pounds, can he stand up and play outside linebacker? The answer is probably no but with the Steelers using their nickel formation much more, Ansah would be able to come in and be a pass rushing force right away. However, he does not fit the Steelers draft strategy of taking juniors in the first round, as the Steelers have done in six of the past seven years.

McShay on the other hand, has the Steelers following their trends and taking the talented Ohio State defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins. Hankins has had a very good college career and has consistently taken on double teams. He does not rush the passer much but he is capable of doing it. He is a guy who could probably play five out of every six downs while taking every other third down off. He sometimes looked fatigue when playing all three downs the whole game and therefore, he would take some plays off when he knew his job was to rush the passer. He would be able to come in and compete for the starting nose tackle job right away.