Hines Ward would be a great Steelers receivers coach

Karl Walter

With the departure of WR Coach Scottie Montgomery to his alma mater Duke University, why not give or offer the position to Hines Ward?

What better choice do you have? He was a big part of the development of Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, and Emmanuel Sanders. Teaching them how to be professionals and respect for the position, as well as the team. Most importantly, how to be a STEELER!

If you look at the Steelers receivers one year removed from Hines; they completely lost their way. No impact on offense, and zero leadership. Thank Mr. Wallace for that; and for the infamous "Young Money" name. He showed no leadership qualities and was only made the receiver he once was by Hines and Santonio, opening things up for him. Mike Tomlin did call him right though; "One Trick Pony," that's Wallace. Why would you pay top dollar for that; oh yeah, I forgot to mention his stone hands.

Anyway, I believe Hines can make that receiver corp the best in the league. They respect him, he has the Steelers' receiver records, and soon; the Hall of Fame.

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