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Steelers Wide Receivers Coach Point/Counterpoint

The legend becoming the coach seems more fit for a Hollywood script in Americana than the NFL. But is it a possibility in Pittsburgh? Receivers coach Scottie Montgomery left and there are several intriguing candidates. One name being floated around is former Steelers receiver Hines Ward.

Karl Walter

In a Behind The Steel Curtain Point/Counterpoint debate, we're discussing the candidacy of former wide receiver Hines Ward for the Steelers' open wide receivers coach position. Arguing in favor of Ward is Myrique21, and against is BTSC editor Neal Coolong

The topic is wide open and sure to draw the opinions of Steelers faithful. No community is smarter and better prepared for a debate on Steelers history or current events than the one at Behind The Steel Curtain, so we're bringing the candidacy of Hines Ward for the Steelers wide receivers coach position to the people.

We have two arguments here; One suggests Ward is a worthy candidate due to his leadership ability; something that could fairly be argued was missing among the 2012 group.

The other suggests Ward may not even want to, considering what he'd be giving up and risking, as well as potentially not being able to lead the same way as a coach like he did as a player.

You decide.