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Two Behind The Steel Curtain Mock Drafts, two different perspectives

Behind The Steel Curtain's draft staff put together two Mock Drafts, both showing Pittsburgh going in unique but understandable directions with the 17th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.


There are a variety of different ways to provide opinion and analysis regarding the 2013 NFL Draft. Behind The Steel Curtain has multiple writers focused on the draft, both centering on the Steelers selection with the No. 17 overall pick as well as their picks in subsequent rounds. Others look around the league to see how picks will play out on draft day.

We have two Mock Drafts, both written in unique formats and both selecting players on opposite sides of the ball for Pittsburgh in Round 1.

Steel34D sees the need for an outside threat on offense, combined with the availability of a raw but talented receiver being something Pittsburgh can't pass on at 17.

I believe Pittsburgh will sign Steve Breaston and release Jerricho Cotchery saving some cap space. This would leave the Steelers in need of a true deep threat on the outside. That is where (Cordarrelle) Patterson fits in. Though raw he has the speed to be a deep threat and the quickness with the football in his hands to make plays. A team with a draft position earlier than the Steelers might take a shot at him but I see Patterson being there for Pittsburgh.

Seton Hall and Steelers says Damontre Moore had a poor Combine, but that shouldn't mean he'll pass by the Steelers at 17.

Moore had perhaps the worst Combine of any player in the draft and his stock will likely suffer because of it. However, on film, he is the best DE in this class and with the Steelers playing more and more four man fronts, Moore could be a situational pass rusher for now as he learns the outside linebacker position.

Weigh in with your thoughts on each, and why they're right and why they're wrong.