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James Harrison's Greatest Hits

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A collection of stories from Behind The Steel Curtain on James Harrison, arguably one of the best players this franchise has ever had.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

James Harrison is a Steeler for life, regardless of the next team for which he plays.

This is a look back over a selected sample of stories written about James Harrison on Behind The Steel Curtain over the years. Dating back to 2007, Harrison has provided several memorable moments, both on the field and off, and in wake of his release March 9, we put this stream together to keep a record over one of the most memorable and enjoyable (and newsworthy) players the team has ever had.

James Harrison has been cut before, and maybe, after 11 years of being up and down with the team, this will be the fatal cut. But he leaves behind a legacy of determination, dominance and a slew of highlights.

Read over the past, share with other readers your thoughts on No. 92 and the Steelers' decision to release him.