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Video: What is James Harrison's legacy with the Steelers?

Many have weighed in, but what encapsulates the career of the man who became the first undrafted player to ever be named Defensive Player of the Year?

From PaVaSteeler:

This isn't like the loss of Ward, Farrior, Hoke or Smith; their bodies succumbed to the rigors of the game, even though their minds and spirit may have denied the fact. Unlike those heroes though, Harrison's game was rising to its regular level of dominance as last season ended.

From Neal Coolong:

Harrison did not become the Defensive Player of the Year because he was talented. It was because he wasn't, and he refused to accept it.

From Anthony DeFeo:

In addition to his productivity, Harrison was known for being controversial, abrasive, intimidating and very, very focused during his time in Pittsburgh. Some might say he'll be impossible to replace, but if the past four decades have taught us anything, it's that No. 92 will more than likely be succeeded by another great linebacker or two, sooner rather than later.

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