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Former Steelers offensive guard Alan Faneca down to 220 pounds

Cutting out the bulk he ate to add during his playing days, former Steelers OG Alan Faneca has lost nearly 100 pounds since he retired in 2011.

Christian Petersen

As quickly as former Steelers, Jets and Cardinals offensive guard Alan Faneca dropped defensive players to the ground, he's dropped 100 pounds off his frame.

According to Fox Sports Arizona, Faneca tips the scales at 220 pounds now, down from his playing weight of 315-320 pounds, due to his concerns over his future health.

While much is made of mental and cognitive health of former players, and rightfully so, Faneca's desire to shed the bulk necessary to be the Hall of Fame player he was is due to concerns over his future health.

Faneca, living in New Orleans in his retirement, barely looks the same, and says he feels even better.

It's yet another impressive feat for the headstrong Faneca, who left the Steelers via free agency in 2008. He signed with the Jets at the start of free agency in 2008, then ended his career with the Cardinals.

Losing that weight is admirable, especially when hearing about the struggles of former players not just with the after-effects of head injuries, but with heart disease, diabetes and other weight-related ailments.