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Steelers and Larry Foote reach agreement on three-year deal

Larry Foote was rumored to be heading to Arizona as recently as a few hours ago, but instead will remain in Pittsburgh.

Gregory Shamus

So much for the first half of that.

Larry Foote has been a free agent before. And he has left Pittsburgh before only to realize that it is best to play for the black and gold. This time around, he decided to forgo the Arizona Cardinals offer and instead sign with the Steelers on a three-year deal.

Foote will likely be the Steelers signal-caller on defense again this season. But with depth at inside linebacker still shaky even with Foote's signing - Sean Spence is still recovering from major knee surgery and Stevenson Sylvester was not given a tender at all - the team's interest in free agent linebacker Dan Connor should still be very real.

Last year was one of Foote's best statistical seasons as a pro, totaling 113 tackles, 4 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. While he looked a little slow in pass coverage, the Steelers did not ask him to do much man to man coverage and likely won't ask him to do that anytime soon.