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Chris Rainey suggests Steelers cut him as a lesson to the rest of the team

Former Steelers running back Chris Rainey offers some insight into his arrest and subsequent release from the Steelers following a charge of simple battery stemming from an incident with his girlfriend.

Jason Miller

Former Steelers running back Chris Rainey didn't exactly appear apologetic when speaking to the media at the University of Florida's Pro Day Tuesday.

Rainey, who was released this offseason after an arrest on one count of simple battery, was attending the event at the same time Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin. The report said it wasn't clear whether the trio spoke at all.


Rainey spoke with at least one reporter on hand, and when asked what he thought of his release, his response was comical, except it wasn't.

"I guess they probably wanted to teach everybody else a lesson or something," Rainey said. "That's how I look at it."

The lesson, Mr. Rainey, is don't hit your girlfriend. Perhaps you could have gotten at least a hint of that lesson when you plead guilty to misdemeanor stalking in college.

Among the highlights, though, Rainey suggested the incident was an example of him being at "the wrong place at a bad time," and the lesson he learned was he "shouldn't make a scene outside.

"That is all."

Good luck, Chris.