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Baltimore Sun links former Steelers James Harrison with AFC North rival Ravens

Several Ravens cashed in on their recent Super Bowl championship through free-agency contracts with new teams. A former Pittsburgh player may be trying to cash in on Baltimore's fortuitous misfortune.

Jared Wickerham

As the free-agency mechanism churns on, a player needing a team is being linked with a team needing players.

As relayed by Yahoo! Sports, the Baltimore Sun is reporting former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison's agent has been continuing talks with the Ravens, after the defending Super Bowl champions lost several of their prominent defensive starters (Ellerbe, Paul Kruger, Bernard Pollard, Ray Lewis), among other players like Anquan Boldin.

The Steelers released Harrison after he and his agent were unwilling to renegotiate his 2013 base salary down by 30%, saving themselves over $5.1 million against this year's cap. However, nobody was lining up to jump at Harrison when free-agency opened. In fact, this is the first real news regarding potential suitors.

Harrison's agent went on a virtual tour of the NFL prior to free-agency, swearing the player's desire to play for each and every single team who might want him, with Baltimore being one of those mentioned. Evidently, the Ravens were listening, and are intrigued by the chance to sign a former rival's enforcer and turn him against them.

As both reports admit, the Ravens have not officially entered negotiations with Harrison and his agent yet, but they will continue a conversation which began the day the Steelers released the 35 year-old veteran.