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Steelers Free Agency: Team re-signs veteran longsnapper Greg Warren

The Steelers moved to address a vital empty spot on the roster by re-signing the player who has done it well enough to remain virtually invisible his entire career.


The Pittsburgh Steelers announced in an official press release today, they have re-signed veteran long-snapper Greg Warren, who has been with the team since signing with them in 2005 as an un-drafted free-agent out of North Carolina University.

Warren has been solid as steel during his career in Pittsburgh. For a NFL long-snapper, the ultimate achievement is to go unnoticed and keep your job. Warren has remained virtually invisible.

In fact, the only time he really stood out was in 2008, when his absence due to injury forced the James Harrison fiasco against the New York Giants. Warren was involved in two snafus during the 2012 season. One botched snap by Warren plus a bad hold by Drew Butler resulted in a Shaun Suisham miss, his only miss inside 50 yards all year. The second was a missed blocking assignment between Warren and Ryan Mundy resulted in a blocked Butler punt. In both instances, Warren only deserved part of the blame.

The report says he was signed to a one-year deal. For a player who entered the league in 2005, his minimum CBA base salary would be $840k; but like most signings, financial terms were not disclosed in the release.

While a specialist like Warren may not see the field as often as a regular starter, his presence should calm a stormy special teams season under new assistant Danny Smith.