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Ryan Mundy signs with New York Giants

Steelers safety Ryan Mundy is joining the NY Giants after spending four seasons with the team that drafted him in 2008.

Doug Pensinger

The New York Giants have signed former-Steelers safety Ryan Mundy. Mundy saw plenty of playing time last season with separate injuries to Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu, but failed to impress in his opportunities.

When Ryan Clark had to miss the season opener in Denver, Mundy played as poorly in that loss as he did in the Tebow playoff game that ended the Steelers 2011 season. Mundy started three games last season, but played so poorly that he was benched in favor of veteran Will Allen.

After being drafted by the Steelers in the 6th round of the 2008 draft, Mundy only recorded one interception and 56 tackles in his four seasons with the team, and will likely be remembered most for his failures in the aforementioned Tim Tebow playoff game.

Are you sad to see Mundy go? Think the Steelers will get to collect another compensatory pick for his departure?