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Steelers sign TE Matt Spaeth

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Another former Steelers player comes back.

Karl Walter

Multiple sources (none of which are Eye On Springfield Football) are reporting the Steelers have agreed to a contract with free agent tight end Matt Spaeth.

The Steelers elected to not re-sign Spaeth after the 2010 season. After which, he signed with the Chicago Bears. After two uneventful seasons in Chicago, and a new coaching regime there, Spaeth was released.

Spaeth has 49 career catches in 91 games, after having been seen as a promising all around tight end prospect out of Minnesota in 2007.

The Steelers selected him that year in head coach Mike Tomlin's first season. The Steelers also traded up for a punter in that draft. A punter who is no longer in the NFL.

Spaeth still is, though, staving off that final cut for at least a little while. The injury to Heath Miller has put the Steelers in a bind, considering the signings of Spaeth and David Johnson recently suggest the team is moving backward in time.