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2013 NFL Draft: Mid round wide receiver prospects have value

With Mike Wallace already gone and Emmanuel Sanders supposedly mulling an offer from the Patriots that the Steelers may not be able to match, it is very likely the Steelers will be looking for at least one wide receiver in this draft. While the draft lacks elite talent at wide receiver, it is filled with plenty of talent in the mid rounds. Here is a look at a few of those options.

Steve Dykes

Regardless of the outcome of the Emmanuel Sanders situation, it's likely the Steelers will be looking to add a receiver in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The top receivers have been mentioned previously, but it's a solid mid-round draft for receivers as well.

Second Round Options
  1. Markus Wheaton, Oregon State - Wheaton is a 6-foot-1 receiver who has good speed and great hands. He runs crisp routes and dominated the Pac-12 in his last year of college, totalling over 90 receptions and over 1100 yards and 11 touchdowns. He would be a great compliment to Antonio Brown.
  2. Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech - Patton, at 6-foot-0, 205 pounds is a big bodied receiver with above average speed. He is great as a blocker, runs good routes, and rarely drops anything. He is very shifty, can make people miss in the open field, and is great at adjusting to poorly thrown balls.
  3. Robert Woods, USC - Woods is built similarly to Patton at 6-foot-0, 201 pounds. He is the best route runner in the draft and almost never drops anything. He ran a 4.51 forty-yard dash so he has good speed. He had a tough junior year because of Matt Barkley's struggles but he still has a great future. The Steelers have shown plenty of interest in him and he seems like a great option.
Third Round Options
  1. Stedman Bailey, West Virginia - Bailey is a small receiver at just 5-foot-10 but he runs incredible routes and has great hands. He is tough to bring down in the open field and plays much bigger than he is. He won't wow you with break away speed but he would get the job done. However, he is built like another Antonio Brown and the Steelers may not need another small, shifty receiver.
  2. Cobi Hamilton, Arkansas - Hamilton, at 6-foot-2, 212 pounds, is a big wide receiver with good speed as well. He had a great year at Arkansas this year, with his biggest game being against Rutgers and second round draft prospect Logan Ryan. He is physical and is a good route runner and would excel on the outside where he can use his size to his advantage.
  3. Ryan Swope, Texas A&M - Swope, at 6-foot-0, has blazing speed, running an official 4.34 40. He is a phenomenal route runner and has great hands. He is great at selling his routes and knows how to play the game. He is not an elite level athlete as a leaper but he could get the job done as an outside receiver.
Fourth Round Options
  1. Marquise Goodwin, Texas - Goodwin is a small, shifty, blazing fast wide receiver who nearly broke Chris Johnson's forty yard dash record running a 4.27. However, he is not much of a football player and more of just a track star.
  2. Aaron Mellette, Elon - Mellete is a big receiver at 6-foot-2, 217 pounds. He has decent speed and has good hands. He runs good routes and has great body control as well. He is not going to blow you away with blazing speed but he can break a big play off every once in a while.
  3. Kenny Stills, Oklahoma - Stills is 6-foot-0, 194 pounds with unreal speed, running a sub 4.4 40. He has good hands and is very flexible and can adjust to poorly thrown balls. However, he is not very physical and his durability may be a concern.

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