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5 questions in our March Madness, St. Patrick's Day and likely a Duke-bashing Open Thread

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If we're taking a break from football news, we'd only do it to talk about football and other sports together.

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I'm on kid duty for St. Patrick's Day and I'm sitting here watching the NCAA Tournament Selection Show.

I've watched maybe 10 minutes of college hoops this year, but as one reader emailed me yesterday asking who I was picking to win it all, I figure I should carry at least a slight interest.

So, in case you were wondering...I'm How are they this year?

I know this as an extremely anti-Duke crowd (you're English speaking American sports fans, after all), so feel free to bash them while you're here. I'm sure the officials gave them a game without them having set foot on the court at least a few times this year. They probably keep slaves in the basement of their dorm hall as well.

I'm pulling for Creighton and former NDSU head coach Greg McDermott, glad to see they're in after a great season.

Outside of that, not gonna lie, I don't care.

So five questions...

1. Why should I care about the college basketball tournament this year?

2. What's the best fast food? It's highly likely I will be ordering out any time I'm assigned kid duty, so I'm debating my options. Name me the best restaurant as well as the best kind of junk food.

3. Are you buying Ahmad Bradshaw to Pittsburgh? I'm sure the Steelers are "interested" in Bradshaw. Sure! Why not? "Interested" means nothing, "visited" is more appropriate.

4. Star Lotulelei, Cordarrelle Patterson and the 1984 version of Louie Lipps are on the board at 17. Who are you taking?

5. Who would be better playing out of position, Brett Keisel at tight end, Antonio Brown at free safety or Dick LeBeau coaching running backs?