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Report suggest Steelers are interested in Elvis Dumervil

"Interested" is an open-ended word. While teams may be interested in lots of players, how realistic the possibility of that player joining that team is another matter. Such may be the case with Elvis Dumervil and his alleged target of interest from the Steelers.

Doug Pensinger

The Steelers are probably interested in a lot of players, pass rushing monster Elvis Dumervil being one of them.

While the Baltimore Sun is reporting the Steelers are, in fact, interested in Dumervil, they're probably somewhat entertained with the possibility of bringing in Patrick Willis, if the price was right and he was available.

Dumervil was released after the Broncos gave him a deadline at which time he was to accept or decline their restructured contract offer. They told his agent, Marty Magid, if he did not accept it, they would release him. The new contract was reported to be an offer of $8 million this season, down from $12 million.

Magid said he sent the signed copy of the restructured contract to Denver via fax at 3:45 p.m. ET, ahead of the 4 p.m. waiver deadline, at which time his contract would have become guaranteed. The Broncos say they did not receive it, and had no choice but to release him.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said the union will investigate the Matter. Dumervil fired Magid, and is reported to be seeking CAA, a high-powered agency, and Tom Condon, one of the most powerful agents in sports, to represent him in his unexpected free agency voyage.

It would be easy to say Dumervil's agent planted the information with the Sun, the publication that reported the Ravens were interested in him as well. It can be assumed it wasn't Magid, because he may have used his fax machine to send the bit of news to the newspaper.

Fax machine snafu or not, it's quite obvious the bit is tied to Dumervil's negotiations with the Ravens.

Dumervil was accepting a significant paycut, and was allegedly ok with $8 million for this season. The cap-strapped Steelers didn't come to terms with free agent outside linebacker Victor Butler, who is said to be seeking $3.5 million a year. Cap issues aside, the dollars don't seem to make any sense, but odder things have happened.

Like people's fax machines suddenly breaking down when they're charged with delivering an extremely important document.