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Steelers planning for a short stay in London in first international regular season game

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It will be business as usual for Steelers when they travel to London in Week 4 for first international regular season game in franchise history.

Ronald Martinez

Looks like it will be a short business trip for the Steelers when they travel to London to take on the Vikings at Wembley Stadium in Week 4 of the 2013 season.

According to Alan Robinson of the Tribune Review, the Steelers will hold their standard practices during the week before taking a charter flight to London Thursday evening and practicing there on Friday. This itinerary is on par with what previous NFL teams have done when they were designated to play in London (the NFL has been hosting regular season games in the United Kingdom since 2007).

Pittsburgh will only be in London for two full nights--Friday and Saturday--before flying home Sunday evening, immediately following the game against the Vikings.

This will also be the first season in-which the NFL hosts two regular season games in London. In addition to the Steelers/Vikings match-up on September 29th, the 49ers will take on the Jaguars on October 27th, also at Wembley Stadium.