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Report: Steelers went after LT Jake Long in free agency

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Adam Schefter's report indicates the Steelers were in the bidding for the free agent left tackle, who ultimately signed a four-year $34 million deal with St. Louis.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

There goes the theory the Steelers are happy with their tackles heading into the 2013 season. Per an Adam Schefter report, the Steelers made a play for Rams offensive tackle Jake Long over the weekend.

Long, formerly of the Dolphins, signed a four-year, $34 million deal with the Rams, but his services were sought after by other teams. Miami wanted to retain Long as well, the first overall pick of the 2008 draft.

What will the reactions of Marcus Gilbert and Mike Adams be when they learn the team was not only bringing in competition, but bringing in a high-priced free agent to compete for the jobs they're assumed to have? That remains to be seen, but as we've reported before, the Steelers are not done looking to make moves, and clearly, they have some salary cap magic still up their sleeves.

Other free agents have visited this free agency period, but none with the name of Long, a left tackle who's battled injuries but otherwise has been a solid starter in his career.