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Manti Te'o runs an unofficial 4.71 at Pro Day

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The question now is how much that really matters.

Jonathan Daniel

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o backed up a post-championship game spin through the dregs of the media's spin cycles with a 40-time that rivaled many middle-of-the-pack defensive linemen (slight exaggeration).

He said he would run better at his Pro Day, and indeed, he did.

The conventional picks for the Steelers at No. 17 overall have moved to and from inside linebackers, and Te'o's day more or less passed as far as mock drafts placing him in Pittsburgh.

Many think "hell, if you're gonna take a player with questionable character, you may as well take Alec Ogletree," the freakishly athletic if not somewhat moronic Georgia prospect.

How accurate Te'o's time really is may be under scrutiny. Many of those who would doubt it are likely to be the same people who suggested he had no place in the middle portion of the first round of this draft.

It can be fairly said his Combine time - which was in the 4.82 range - merely backed up what many felt when they saw him on film anyway. Some would argue that, saying he plays faster than he looks, and his wider stature makes him appear slow when he's moving well.

What say you? In the event Te'os time really was 4.71, does his stock increase? Or does it remain where it has been - late first round, maybe early second round?