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Steelers hire new football administrations coordinator

Either Pittsburgh is looking to install some fresh perspective into their perennial cap problems, or they are expecting one of their tenured staff-members to seek promotion elsewhere.


While everyone has been so intently focused on player rosters during the NFL's free-agency period, the Steelers have quietly added a new name to their executive roster.

According the Mark Kaboly, the Pittsburgh Steelers have named Samir Suleiman to fill their newly created Football Administrations Coordinator position.

His name is not completely new to the organization, as he served as a consultant from July 2011 to August of 2012. Prior to his arrival in Pittsburgh, Suleiman spent nine years with the St. Louis Rams organization, where he helped oversee every aspect of an NFL front office, including contract negotiations. Prior to the Rams, he also spent some time with the Jacksonville Jaguars after graduating from James Madison University with a sports management degree.

As Kaboly points out, crunching numbers is considered to be a specialty of Suleiman's. He was considered a candidate for top positions with the Green Bay Packers in 2008, and the Cleveland Browns in 2009. However, the Steelers already are recognized for having two of the best in the business in Kevin Colbert and Omar Khan. Does this white-collar tribe need another chief?

Khan had been considered a serious candidate for the New York Jets general manager opening earlier this off-season, before settling on someone else. While Khan's involvement in the interview process was relatively quiet in media circles, evidently the Steelers heard the message loud and clear - Khan will eventually be given his own GM position with another organization, and the team has to be ready to replace him when the time comes.

Khan currently acts as the team's director of football and business administrations, although the official title given to Suleiman says Khan may be eliminating part of his own, voluntarily or not. Khan will no longer be the only cap guru in the front office.