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With the 17th pick in the SB Nation Bloggers Mock Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select WR Cordarrelle Patterson

The Steelers selected Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson in SB Nation's Bloggers Mock Draft.


As soon as the Triangle of Authority heard St. Louis select Tavon Austin, all three raised their arms in the air, and yelled in excitement.

"We are beyond excited to have had Cordarrelle fall to us," Triangle member Steelers34D said after the pick was announced. "He was very high on our board, and while we thought we may have had a shot at him, we felt there was a very strong chance he would be gone."

Thirty-Four said fellow Triangle member Neal Coolong was unavailable for comment immediately after the pick because he was getting on the phone with random people in the Miami area, and was heard yelling "SIXTY MILLION?!? A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!" This could be a reference to the Dolphins signing former Steelers WR Mike Wallace to a $60 million contract this offseason.

"Patterson fills a big need for us," 34D said. "He's great outside the numbers but he's going to be very effective on shorter passes as well. We're very excited to have him."

"And now, onto Round 2."