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Ahmad Bradshaw takes physical, leaves without contract

Bradshaw apparently came in to Pittsburgh, but according to a report Thursday evening, Bradshaw left without having signed a contract.

Nick Laham

The Steelers hosted free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw today, and they gave him a physical.

Somewhere between multiple bends of his oft-surgery-repaired feet and turning his head and coughing, he failed to get a contract offer.

Does that mean he failed his physical? Or at least, the Steelers saw something in the examination they didn't like, such has multiple scars and appendages that haven't fully healed? Injuries have piled up on Bradshaw, which seems to indicate the main deterrent behind why teams wouldn't want to bring in the 1,000 yard rusher.

Perhaps it's nothing more than cat-and-mouse that always exists this time of the year. Clearly, if Bradshaw had multiple suitors, he wouldn't have visited the Steelers this late into free agency; he would have signed somewhere by now. It could be nothing more than the next move in the mutual waiting game both teams are playing.

Or, perhaps, like other members of the free agent class of 2013, Bradshaw didn't like the weather so much, and wished he could play somewhere warm.