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Report: Steelers Mike Wallace top free agent available

Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is listed as the top free agent available in this year's market. It'll most likely be one of the last times we'll see his name with the word "Steelers" before it without the word "former" in front of it.

Karl Walter Around The League editor Gregg Rosenthal says Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is the top free agent available on the market this year.

And if Gregg Rosenthal wrote it, it must be true.

The less-thorough version of Charlestown Chiefs beat reporter Dickie Dunn came up with a list ranking the top 85 free agents set to sign new deals as of 4 p.m. ET March 12. Wallace is No. 1 on that list, and after officially escaping the franchise tag, Wallace looks to cash in on that distinction, whether it's fair or not.

In his words:

"Speed kills. He might not be a complete receiver, but there's no reason Wallace can't get Vincent Jackson money."

Rosenthal is just trying to capture the spirit of the thing.

He did remember to include Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis, whom he ranked No. 19 overall.

Says Rosenthal of the league's runner-up leader in passes defensed: "Lewis quietly stepped up as Pittsburgh's best cover corner in 2012 at age 26."

Rashard Mendenhall ranked No. 41, rounding out the Steelers on the list.

Free agency begins Monday, and barring last-minute contracts being given, the Steelers will let these players test the open market.