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DraftSeason's Blogger's Draft has CB Desmond Trufant going to Pittsburgh

The Steelers Mock GM was replaced before he could get the card with Jarvis Jones name on it to the Mock Commissioner, and the results could end up being disastrous.

Harry How has been a friend of Behind The Steel Curtain's over the last two years. They're a feature in our Mock Draft Database, and overall, they put together an entertaining and informative product.

They recently did a Blogger's Mock Draft, reaching out to writers from various sites of the 32 teams in the NFL, selecting for their respective team.

Behind The Steel Curtain was invited, but after its Mock General Manager allowed time to expire on the pick, the Mock Commissioner removed the Mock GM from office, and went with someone else.

Someone who apparently feels the need to draft Washington CB Desmond Trufant, the brother of Marcus Trufant, regarded as a late first round pick by many.

The former GM waited on his assistant GM to weigh in on a candidate (Sylvester Williams), but the assistant is busy preparing for a career in protecting us from the communists through nuclear technology while in the warm, non-snowy environs of Arizona.

He had enough time to fire off an email, and even when translated into something PG-rated, was fairly clear on disagreeing with the notion Williams should be taken at No. 17.

"No. NO! (expletive deleted) no, man! What the (expletive deleted) is wrong with you? That question alone is enough evidence to suggest you are without question the dumbest, brain-dead and useless creatures I've been around, and I go to school at Arizona State! In fact, just for suggesting it, I should beat you with-"

It goes on, but the former GM felt the assistant's message was clear. Williams would not be our pick.

The former GM was about to turn in a card for Georgia OLB Jarvis Jones, spine and all.

Alas, the move was made, and the Steelers now, in the (thankfully) fictional world of DraftSeason, have an over-abundance of cornerbacks.

Several SB Nation writers participated, and Blogging the Boys was likely very happy to see Jones slide to No. 18. While the tarnished reputation of the former GM is an embarrassment for SteelerNation, he plans to rise again to the top, and do this on his own terms in the near future.

All joking aside, it's an interesting look at a well-informed mock draft, and is recommended.